In the heart of Natural reserve
Regional of the Mounts of Ardèche









You will meet of course while walking on in our moutains boviness, sheep and caprine, present almost everywhere, but also some savage animals...
You know that in Ardeche, the Bear still haunted our moutains at the XVI 2nd century, while the Wolfe, was still visible for him with the end of the XIX 2nd... Their presence with besides strongly marked Ardèchois toponymy, and one finds in our Boutières of the hamlets to the evocative name : Montorsier, the Wolf...
To day, you will be able to see Wild boar especially (with profusion, but of rather night manners),  the Roe-deer, Genette, The Fox, The Badger, flown over by the Buzzard with the majestic flight…

THE GENETTE, emblem of Regional Natural Park of the Mounts of Ardeche, night, quiet and discrete animal, remains far from known nowadays of the public. Admittedly its observation proves to be difficult but, with a little attention, you will discover indices of his presence to turning of o path.

(texte and drawing from the booklet of the Regional Natural reserve of the mounts of Ardeche)

THE BUZZARD, is a raptor very running in our countryside which nourishes rodents, reptiles and small birds. You will see it planing with the top of your head to the liking of the winds.


LE RENARD, Son pelage est roux au dessus et blanchâtre en dessous, agrémenté de doré et d'argenté. Ses dimensions : longueur maxi : 1.30 m pour un poids de 5 à 10kg. Rusé, comme le décrit Jean de La Fontaine, il arrive encore a déjouer biens des pièges et à entrer dans les poulaillers...

LE SANGLIER, Son pelage est formé de poils raides, du gris pâle au noir. Groin à l'extrémité mobile, Canines recourbées au dehors et vers le haut pouvant atteindre 30cm. Longueur maxi : 1.70m. Il n'est pas rare à la tombée de la nuit de croiser une harde. Mais quand ceux ci visitent vos cultures, votre travail de l'année est anéanti.

THE BADGER, its body rather broad and is flattened. The head is punt, the lengthened and relatively pointed muzzle. The eyes and the ears are small. The mask is gray, white and black. Its dimensions : 30 centimeter and 60 at 72 centimeter in length for a weight between 10/18 kg. Very difficult to see.

THE ROE-DEER, Its peeling, is russet-red the summer and becomes gray-brown the winter. Its dimensions : 60/75 centimeter in height and 120/ 140 centimeter in length for a weight between 15/26 kg. It can live up to 15/20 years. Which beauty to see roving the ROE-DEER to somme steps of the dwelling. But attention with preserving the young trees well.

And still...
The Geai, the Redstart, The Swallow, The blue tit, the Bat, the Beaver, a multitude of butterflies and insects... But also, at the time of your excursions , attention to the vipers!

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